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Hear from our clients:

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"Yasir is an exceptional coach. Yasir helped me put together my speech, iron out the details, and make it sound exactly like I wanted to.

Then, he got on a call with me 3 to 4 times a week to help me rehearse the material to make sure my message came across the way I wanted the it to be perceived.

Yasir even helped me rehearse 30 minutes before I stepped on stage.

His commitment to making sure you get the results you desire is unmatched. I could not recommend him more"

Shannon Klingman,

Founder of Lume Deodorant

(Valued at $1Billion)

"My nerves were rattling as I stood on stage, facing thousands of high-profile attendees. at the blockchainlife2023 and i like to thank Yasir Khan for helping me conquer my fear and enabling me to shine on the crypto blockchain stage. You've truly made a difference in my life, and I am forever grateful. Yasir Khan"

Ibrahim N.,

CEO and Founder at

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I hired Yasir to help me with the most important speech of my career. We only had 5 days to write, rehearse, and prepare the speech. I did not know if it would be possible but I was proven wrong.

Not only did Yasir help me write the speech but he also helped me write it in a way where I would not have to memorize it. I was able to recall it last minute and deliver it on stage in front of thousands of people.

The audience was shocked by how inspiring the speech was and I got tons of praises afterwards.

I am both surprised but also not surprised by how effective Yasir is at training CEOs. I'm eternally grateful to the universe for having Yasir's videos land on my feed, I don't know how I would have done the speech without him.

I will be hiring Yasir and his team for all my speeches in the future and so should you!

Hussein Salem

CEO of Ohana Development

Suleiman (Sal) Samandar

ETFs | FinTech | Product Development/Management | Trading/Ops.

Yasir provides an exceptional framework that empowers you to organize your thoughts, frame your responses, and present with clarity and confidence. His structured approach not only enhances your speaking skills but also equips you with the tools to navigate various speaking scenarios. Whether it's a job interview, presenting in front of a crowd, or conducting a one-on-one sales pitch, Yasir offers practical strategies to excel in every situation.

Ghormallah Al-Zahrani

Associate Marketing Director

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in Yasir Khan's Executive Communication program. I am genuinely astounded by the program's exceptional quality, driven by Yasir's profound expertise as a communication coach. Initially, I worried about it being too theoretical, but to my delight, it proved intensely practical, yielding rapid and tangible results.

Muhammad Jahanzaib

Projects Manager (EPC Projects, Turnarounds, Retrofits)

He helped me to identify my strengths and areas for improvement and provided me with practical tools and techniques that I could apply in real life situations.

I would highly recommend Yasir Khan as public speaking coach.
He is a one top coach that anyone should consult and work with, if these sort of areas needs improvement.

Monica (Moni) Couttolenc

CERTIFIED Executive Coach

Yasir knows what he is talking about, being a coach has a lot of obstacles and challenges as we have to sell something that is not easy to show the final outcome, it is all about building trust, Yasir knows how to do it, he starts by building a trust and loyalty with us as clients and he is always there, looking for more ideas giving support and confidence. I was able to sell 14K the first launch of my program after the Career Coaching Bootcamp.

Mohsen Youssef

Marketing | Operations | Hospitality

Every time I learn something new from Yasir, it unfolds into a life-changing encounter for me.

Most evidently, his passion for clarity, living in the NOW with a ferocious growth mindset, and embracing the unknown with confidence (such as stepping into the public speaking space many years ago), have been VERY INSPIRING.

Grace Sheng

Manager, Ottawa Newcomer Entrepreneurs Hub, TESL Trainer

Yasir Khan is a very dynamic and energetic speaker and provides excellent business coaching advice. Yasir was hired by the Ottawa Newcomer Entrepreneurs Hub (ONE Hub) at World Skills to provide a business coaching presentation to our aspiring newcomer entrepreneurs in the fall of 2021. His knowledge and his expert advice was so inspiring that some clients were considering either using his services or engaging in a business coaching type of business. If you are seeking a motivational speaker, Yasir is great choice!

Rahul Palamuru

Data Analyst | Recruiter for remote roles| Coach

If you want to improve your communication, public speaking skills, look no further. I choose Yasir as my mentor and within a few weeks of coaching sessions, I could see improvement in my voice variation, hooking the audience, getting them on board with my story, structuring, delivery, and a lot more. Even I thought it might not work for me but the leap of faith that if Yasir can do it so can I helped me tremendously in improving my communication skills, and still a long way to go.

Julia Schaumer

INTERPOL Financial Crime & Anti-Corruption Center

The first time I spoke to Yasir, I was immediately drawn by his warm demeanour and his sincere willingness to want to help improve my public speaking skills. He's witty and extremely down to earth and I immediately felt at ease with him. Not only does he provide a safe space for his clients to flourish, but he's also very attentive and provides exceptional feedback and coaching which is tailored to the individual needs of each person.

Fernando Chapa

Technical Leader

Yasir's coaching goes beyond the "best practices" of public speaking and involves innovative approaches that result in profound improvements in public speaking. Starting with my first personalized coaching session, Yasir gave me tactics, strategies, and techniques that dramatically improved my executive presence and ability to engage any audience.

Suresh Kannan

Sr.Customer Solutions Manager @AWS

Now, every time I speak, I remember Yasir's tips and its helping me a lot in communicating effectively in interviews, presentations and in work meetings. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their communication/speaking skills in any setting.

Sabrina Sidi

Public Speaking Coach

Yasir is empathetic, kind, compassionate and a fantastic public speaking coach. Working with Yasir has been an amazing experience so far. He has taught me how to engage my audience and answer questions (that I may not even have an answer to!) in a very authentic and confident way.

Rishi N.

Microsoft CRM and Integration Senior Consultant

In a span of mere 24 days, I have improved upon on many aspects of executive presence and effective communication. I am continuing from the foundation that I built in the program to better myself going forward.

Rohit Ojha

Technology Leader

The course trained me to get rid of my filler words and pace my speech, so I come across as more confident. The improvements have helped in my everyday conversations at home and outside.

Tharindu R.

Product Manager at Macquarie Telecom Group

The program is well structured and goes beyond just speaking and presentation skills. I loved the self-awareness it created and how the techniques and the group practice sessions honed my skills to become a more confident and diverse speaker. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills whichever stage your are in your journey

João Barth

Cloud Architect

Yasir has a unique talent for recognizing and addressing the improvement points for each client while making learning entertaining and challenging.

Steven Boudreau

Chief Administrative Officer

Yasir has an incredible insight into the practice of effective public speaking. His one-on-one approach and responsiveness have been uplifting to my career and my personal development journey.

Ajay Kumar

Sr. Solutions Architect at T-Mobile

His techniques made a tremendous difference in my speaking style. His feedback on live and recorded practice sessions provided great insights and value to me. I cannot more highly recommend anyone more than Yasir Khan as public speaking coach. He is a gem among coaches.

Zawm Zawma

Building proper client acquisition infrastructures to add an extra $500k-1M in 12 months for Agencies, Coaches & Consultants.

If you are on the fence, and still thinking about working with him.. stop thinking about it and go for it. And if you aren't thinking about it, start thinking about it.

Dilipkumar Mahenthiran

Technology Transfer Manager at Metalenz

He has gone above and beyond in supporting me accomplish my goals and his couching is not just one style fits all, he takes the time your speaking style, where improvements are needed and customized the program for you. I would highly recommend getting personalized couching from Yasir.I followed Yasir on his social media accounts few months about improving communication skills prior to signing up to get personalized coaching. I have been working with him last 3 months on 1-on-1 coaching on a weekly base followed by assignments. I have to admit, singing up with Yasir to get coaching on improving my communication skills is one of the best investment I have made towards my self-improvement. Yasir has done a great job of identifying the issues that I was dealing with during my speaking and following up on getting them corrected and also making sure the correction stick forever. He has gone above and beyond in supporting me accomplish my goals and his couching is not just one style fits all, he takes the time your speaking style, where improvements are needed and customized the program for you. I would highly recommend getting personalized couching from Yasir.

Shahid B.

Data Scientist and Cloud Integration

Yasir has demonstrated a remarkable ability to identify and develop latent talents in others. Through just six or seven sessions totaling four hours, he was able to help me transform my public speaking abilities. The difference is truly night and day. Whereas I previously would become anxious and nervous at the very thought of speaking in front of an audience, I now have the confidence to do so with ease.

Treasa O'Kane

Proudly supporting my community!

Working with Yasir really helped me to highlight the issues I have when speaking. I learned to be more be conscience when speaking and recognise when I am making them. Yasir was great at helping me to gain confidence and clarity by slowing down, breathing and reducing my anxiety.

Monu Kalsi

Head of Marketing

Working with Yasir over the past few months has been an incredibly delightful experience. Yasir stands out as a remarkable speaking coach, embodying qualities of patience, engagement, and thorough preparation. His genuine curiosity about you and your objectives is evident, making the interactions truly rewarding. I've greatly appreciated my engagements with Yasir, from which I've gained valuable insights about both myself and the art of public speaking. I wholeheartedly suggest that senior leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles avail themselves of Yasir's coaching and direction to enhance their skills in leadership communication.

Keisha Wagner-Gaymon

Founder of Peachfuzz Skin Studio & Fuzz Clinic Products Board

Working with Yasir has be transformative to say the least. Not only has he help boost my confidence regarding speaking he has help me recognize some limiting beliefs that has kept me from reaching my true potential. Since working with Yasir I have won a major beauty grant and have done speaking engagements with confidence. Yasir is amazing !

David Toushek

Founder of Everything

I first discovered Yasir on TikTok with a video I found very enlightening. I found him on LI and was delighted to learn he was local to me!

When the opportunity to attend an in person coaching session came up, I jumped at it.

I learned more in that session than in all the other public speaking sessions in my career combined.

Khizer Nawaz

Voice of Customer @ Alida

Yasir was super helpful because he doesn't go with a one size fits all, he will see what you want to improve on, see you in action then guide with what you need. His coaching has changed me as the very next day I made a video and uploaded it, one that I'd been resisting for a month

Lorena Lima

Director, Innovation & Generative AI

Yasir is fantastic! He is incredibly passionate about public speaking and has the talent and expertise to back it up. He not only gives feedback on your speaking, but also your presentation content (which are two different skills that not everyone can master!). It doesn’t matter if it’s a complex tech and artificial intelligence topic or something simple and fun. His small tweaks and recommendations go a long way from making an already good presentation… GREAT!

Avinash G.

Senior Engineer at Eversource Energy

Yasir provides you with the tools and tips to be a good speaker. But he also pushes you to be better and be the best speaker in your capacity by gauging your progress, positive encouragement, support, and valuable feedback. Yasir is a kind, calm and considerate human being. he is one of the coaches you need if you struggle with public speaking and communication. he creates a comfortable environment designed to practice and learn from your mistakes. So, I highly recommend everyone to join Yasir’s speaking academy to be the best speaker out there.

Siva Bodapati

Solution Architect in EPM

I recommend Yasir to anyone who wants to improve public speaking skills.I am honored to have had Yasir as my public speaking coach. He challenges you to get better and also encourages to reach your goals.

Vivek Ram, CBAP

Senior Business Analyst

If you are in the middle of a job hunt or wondering what is next for your career, I highly recommend Yasir’s YouTube channel. Yasir’s videos cover a broad range of topics from starting your own business to dealing with your inner struggles.
The two videos that have really helped me through my journey are: “how to network on LinkedIn” and his videos highlighting his daily routine. Yasir’s channel allowed me to develop a positive mindset and develop a great strategy for this crucial phase in my career. Thank you for everything you do Yasir!

Sabrina Isunza

Business Analyst @ First Citizens Bank

Yasir not only created an inclusive safe environment for healthy feedback, but he also gave valuable insight and tips. He has inspired me to always keep trying to overcome my fear of failing and to truly never give up. Thank you Yasir. I hope to work with you more closely in the future.

Sara Ahmed

Maintenance Planning Engineer

I would recommend you to make live on LinkedIn to share your valuable experience with your connections and followers. I've attended one session with you today and am craving for more .I would recommend you to make live on LinkedIn to share your valuable experience with your connections and followers. I've attended one session with you today and am craving for more .

Priya Pandey

Learning & Development

Yasir is a charismatic trainer and I've been inspired by the support and resources he is able to provide. Public speaking can be dreading but with Yasir as a trainer, anybody sure can enhance their communication skills - I have and the training has given me immense confidence, has helped me climb the ladder and feel better about myself when I communicate.

Daniel Gutierrez


Yasir is a professional! He is willing to help you with your public speaking! Yasir gives you honest feedback on what you need to improve on. My whole life I have struggled with public speaking and have tried different methods to improve, but I have made tremendous improvement in just a short amount of time by following Yasir’s advice and feedback.

Asra Mahmood

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

He gives honest, individualized feedback in an encouraging way, which motivated me to get over my hesitation and start speaking on the spot. His teaching also includes empowering individuals to self-evaluate and self-correct, which is a big bonus.

LaKiesha T.

Software Engineering

Working with Yasir, in just a short amount of time, helped me become more aware of those patterns and develop creative solutions to tackle them.
Now, I am more aware of my speech and consistently get compliments on the way that I communicate and able to close more sales!

Mansoor Azhar

Third Party Advisor

Yasir works closely to understand your specific needs and provides a customized plan that is catered to help build your communication skills effectively. Over the course of few weeks, I was able to quickly reach my communication goals with Yasir’s help!

Tareq Salloum

He is very keen that you benefit from his program, I definitely have! I quickly learned what my weak communication areas were and what I needed to do to improve them. The coaching sessions help identify these areas and improve them through practice and continuous

Walter Mejia

Presidente Ejecutivo en Banco Ficensa

I can definitely say that in just 4 weeks I have become a more confident speaker. Not only do I feel more confident but I am also getting nice compliments from colleagues and friends.

Chengeer Lee

As a coach myself, I can tell when I see a good one, and here is my take - Yasir isn't good. He is exceptional 🔥 Extraordinary coaching skills, combined with deep knowledge, rich personal experience he draws upon, and a kind heart full of fundamental love for people and passion for his craft.

Sridhar Potnuru

Principal Enterprise Architect

Yasir is an executive coach who has helped me transform my ability to present & persuade in a way I previously had challenges. Yasir gives you tactics, strategies & techniques that improve your speaking, presentation & delivery skills with the abilities to engage any audience.As an Enterprise Architect for a large corporation, I require to influence fellow EAs, Executives regularly & effectively. Yasir is an executive coach who has helped me transform my ability to present & persuade in a way I previously had challenges. Yasir gives you tactics, strategies & techniques that improve your speaking, presentation & delivery skills with the abilities to engage any audience.
João Barth profile picture
João BarthJoão Barth

Basim Salim

Marketing Leader

Yasir Khan is an exceptional public speaking coach who has a talent for captivating his audience and leaving a lasting impression. I was blown away by his session at York University, which was nothing short of inspiring and transformative. Yasir has a unique ability to engage his audience with his enthusiastic and supportive approach.

Sebastian Figueroa

The Bilingual Marketing Guy

As a CEO and content creator, it became evident that I needed to up my game. I specifically reached out to Yasir because he is truly an expert. Every time I work with him I come out more confident in my communication and most importantly myself.

Michael Baumgartner


Yasir transformed the way I structure responses and articulate my vision. The result? Clearer, more compelling messaging.
For anyone looking to elevate their speaking game, I can't recommend Yasir enough. His coaching truly makes a difference.

Gideon Shawana

Building Vidare

Yasir, the exceptional coach, skillfully addressed my areas of improvement and significantly enhanced my public speaking abilities. With his straightforward ABC framework, applicable in any setting, he transformed me from being as shy as a lamb to a confident and assertive lion within a day. I wholeheartedly endorse Yasir, not solely due to my acquaintance with him, but because I firmly believe he can deliver the same remarkable results for you or your company.

Anshum Saxena

Director, Strategy and Operations

Yasir's ability to effortlessly connect with his clients and tailor his guidance to their unique needs is incredible. With his extensive experience in this space, he was able to provide practical advice that really helped me. It was great to see the progress I made in just few weeks.

Ahmed Madani

Moving people in entertainment to a new social sphere

Yasir's ability to deliver on his promises was truly commendable. He consistently tailored his approach to my progress, ensuring that each session was productive and effective. He went above and beyond, offering additional resources and support whenever I required it.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Yasir Khan as a speaking coach for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills. His expertise, dedication, and genuine passion for his work make him the ideal choice. If you're ready to transform your speaking abilities, don't hesitate to reach out to Yasir!

Craig Blake

Marketing Director

Yasir is a brilliant coach who really understands the nuances of communicating. I’m very fortunate to be able to work with Yasir and experience his techniques firsthand. I have been working with Yasir for a couple of months – but really saw improvements in my communication skills immediately. Yasir provides honest feedback and pragmatic methods to ensure you grow as a speaker and overall communicator. I look forward to each session with Yasir – he is a pleasure to work with and certainly knows his craft. I highly recommend Yasir for anyone that is looking to hone their public speaking or communication skills.

Ibrahim N.


I can wholeheartedly say that without Yasir Khan's mentorship, I would never have achieved this level of success on the crypto blockchain stage. His dedication, patience, and expertise are unparalleled. If you're looking for a public speaking coach who can transform your abilities and boost your confidence, I wholeheartedly recommend Yasir Khan. He is the key to unlocking your full potential as a speaker.

Dr. Mohammad Mahboob Siddiqui

Health & Wellness Coach

I met Yasir in person for the first time a few months back during one of his talks arranged at the Georgetown College campus in Toronto and we got connected since then.
Following that session, I attended 2 more training sessions conducted by him, and each time learned quite valuable tips for public/group speaking techniques.

Peter Manianis

Sr. Vendor Manager Credit & Collections TELUS Consumer, Business and Corporate Strategies

I have put together an annual TELUS conference for our vendors for years. We have heard from 50+ amazing speakers over the years but the amount of positive feedback we received about Yasir Khan was truly record breaking. This gentlemen captivated our audience, educated them with his presentation being talked about weeks later by our colleagues. Yasir makes a workshop feel like it was just minutes, time flew by because you are totally enthralled and focused by what he is teaching.

Monica Alejandra Rodriguez Martinez

Empowering Professionals in their Career Success

I highly recommend leveraging the expertise, resources and tips Yasir shares on his social media platforms. His insights are not only beneficial for students but extend to professionals aiming to enhance their leadership and communication skills.

For organizations seeking to elevate the public speaking process of their chairpersons and leaders, do not hesitate to contact Yasir. His tailored approach and proven methodologies make him an invaluable asset in this domain.

Paige Elizabeth Fong

Engagement Strategist

I reached out to Yasir to facilitate a workshop for first-year business school students on how to communicate with confidence. Yasir did an amazing job engaging the students, sharing his unfiltered experience, and creating an experiential learning environment where students could pair up and put into practice what they learned. As someone who has attended many professional development workshops, Yasir’s approach is extremely memorable and goes beyond what you’d expected. I would recommend this workshop not only for students who are early into their career, but for professionals to enhance their communication and leadership skills.

Idan B. Yacobovitch

Experience in Higher Education Institutions Administration

During my time at university in Canada many few I would consider mentors and Yasir is definitely one. He is, by-far one of the most talented individuals I’ve come across: a charismatic speaker, a disciplined coach, and an impactful video editor. His TEDx talk is what got me to join the TRU Toastmasters Club and under his presidency and guidance we have made it a leading one on campus. He also spoke as a keynote at an educational workshop I organized which was a phenomenal success in getting students to step out of their comfort zones and speak on stage—one of the many he participated-in and initiated. His ability to network is second-to-non and his work ethic is insane. I can wish not only to work with him as he produces engaging content, but also to take the time and improve my skills thanks to his talentful influence.v

Insiya Meherally

Top 30 Under 30 Honoree

Compelling, honest, and authentic — you won't be disappointed learning from him.

Abigayle M.

Cloud Engineer | Army Veteran | Solutions Architect Professional

I left motivated and more confident in my ability to take corrective action. What I have learned to focus on: my speed (I spoke fast), brevity, the pitch of my voice when I'm nervous, use hands and pauses, and much more. This awareness was extremely valuable! My friends and study partners wouldn't have told me that, or even noticed. An expert can really lead you in the right direction

Gulnur O.

Passionate Programmer | Lifelong Learner | Tech Enthusiast

I attended a session where Yasir shared his valuable experience and expertise in recruitment. I loved how his tips were not the mainstream advice we hear from other recruiters and specialists in the field. I have to confess, I binge-watched his videos on the internet after his speech, and Yasir really comes across as a super nice and congenial person.

Marcia K Szarlej

Communications Project Coordinator

Working with Yasir during 1:1 and group sessions, it was clearly evident that he is passionate about public speaking, and truly cares to help you succeed in your public speaking goals. It felt like your wins were his wins, and I really appreciate that. Especially when building my confidence in public speaking was a top goal.
I was amazed how knowledgeable Yasir is about public speaking.

Fatih Yildiz

Co-Founder & CTO at Edge Delta

I reached out to Yasir to improve my delivery in public speaking specifically on the structure of the message and the presentation. Yasir's feedback on the sessions was spot on and the homework was practical. Yasir is a professional coach and provides tuned feedback. I noticed a drastic improvement in my ability to convey messages to a large crowd. I would highly recommend Yasir to anyone seeking improvements in public speaking.

Basia Richard

Yasir helped me so much with my communications skills. I am an introvert and usually shy when it comes to speaking up. I did a lot of um and then didn't know what to say. Yasir's coaching helped me learn not only what to say but also how to say it.

Arjun kashetty

Public Speaking professional

Now I can confidently tell that I have become a great public speaker and also got many opportunities to be a guest speaker at colleges in Toronto.
I would highly recommend Yasir to anyone who is considering to up their game in the areas of, public speaking, communications, coaching and Entrepreneurship.

Linu Varghese

Director in Cyber Risk Advisory

Yasir’s technical knowledge of effective speaking, the tools that one should leverage and the customised improvement road-map and suggestions enabled me to communicate my messages effectively in the presentations.

Alexia Rivera

Wellness Coach

What I liked about the program is how well structured it was, and the professionalism from Yasir and Sammie along the way. Their constructive feedback was positive and made me feel comfortable.

Ali Mofti

Senior Sales Engineer at Hitachi Energy

During the program, Yasir enlightened me with different speaking techniques that helped me deliver more clear and concise speeches.
I would definitely recommend Yasir to anyone who wants to invest in himself and improve his speaking skills.

Ryan Thoo

Unicorn builder & investor

He provides valuable feedback and guidance that has helped me become a more confident and effective speaker. He is patient, encouraging, and always willing to go the extra mile to help me reach my goals.

I highly recommend Yasir to speakers from all levels of experience!

Beibarys Sei

Founder @ Amplify

The coaching is very suited to everyones needs depending where they might need help with. Highly recommend Yasir if you are looking for someone who can drastically improve your speaking habits

Alaa Hasan

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Yasir is a phenomenal public speaking coach! He is passionate about what he does and will go the extra mile to work with you. His feedback is nothing short of amazing; he provides each person with a wealth of invaluable insights in the practice sessions every time.

Nelson Zhang

Director at Canadian Business Growth Fund (CBGF)

Yasir - I want to say a huge Thank You for your help over the last few months. Your approach was tailored to my needs, and your feedback was always insightful, constructive and actionable. You helped me to identify my strengths and areas for improvement, and provided me with practical tools and techniques that I could apply in real life situations. I would highly recommend your communication coaching services to anyone looking to improve their communication skills. Thanks again for all that you have done for me and I look forward to keep working with you to further improve my communication skills.

Jay (JK) Kapoor

Vice President, Resideo (Honeywell Home)

Yasir is one of the most effective, pragmatic, and genuinely caring public speaking coaches out there. He deploys effective strategies, cutting edge technology, and you begin to see the transformation within a few weeks. I highly recommend Yasir to anyone in need of improvement in public speaking skills.


Artist and Creative Director at Doddz Studios

I highly recommend Yasir for anyone looking to elevate their speaking skills. We not only covered how to speak but what to say in content, business meetings (online and offline), and public speaking. He tailors coaching to individual needs, making each session engaging and effective. I've had comments about an increate in confidence and professionalism form friends and strangers, Plus he's an all-round great guy.

Urvish Patel

I train international students to land 6-figure jobs @ Orbit 5 Inc

His approach was engaging and insightful, and he effectively distilled key public speaking principles into an actionable and enlightening session.

Daniel Hodges

Senior Financial Analyst

I began working with Yasir with the primary objective of honing my public speaking skills, especially in a professional setting. Yasir's coaching style has been pivotal in my development. His feedback is direct and specific, enabling me to swiftly incorporate his advice and notice tangible improvements almost immediately. Thanks to Yasir, I've cultivated a newfound confidence in my speaking abilities. Whether addressing a large audience or a more intimate group, I now speak with a potent mix of conviction and directness. I wholeheartedly recommend Yasir to anyone looking to elevate their public speaking skills.

David Mendoza

Career Strategist

Yasir is my go-to person when I want to add extra value to my training programs by bringing someone who can turn my clients from nervous to confident speakers. This year alone, Yasir has helped 400+ of my international students with his workshops and as a guest speaker in my webinars. What fascinates me the most, is how quickly he wins the audience over and achieves results. He is engaging, funny, and charismatic - the audience is always in for a treat. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to become a better speaker and/or wants to give their students/clients a master class in public speaking to hire Yasir. His work is extraordinary!

Andrea Blum

Real Estate Broker

It was such a pleasure meeting Yasir and seeing him in his element! Amazing presentation! So much value, funny, engaging and very informative! We liked it so much that we will have him back on our PowerHouse on February 26th! Looking ti build a log and successful relationship for our ongoing event!

Rebecca Li

Product Manager

I want to recommend him here to all my friends who have similar issues or to any professional group in need of speech-related coaching.

Trust me, after meeting Yasir, you'll discover he's one of your major achievements this year.

Maria Becerra

Turning AI Concepts into Business Realities

I reached out to Yasir to enhance my speaking confidence and address my anxiety of public speaking, and I should say that the guidance he provided was super practical and went beyond my expectations.

I enjoyed the opportunity of practicing his recommendations live, and since his tips were tailored to each of us, the participants, I could see an immediate difference in the way each of us presented after following his advice.

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