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Hire Yasir for a Speaking Engagement


David Mendoza

Co-Founder and CEO at Orbit 5

"He is engaging, funny, and charismatic - the audience is always in for a treat."


Peter Manianis

Sr. Vendor Manager Credit & Collections TELUS

"This gentlemen captivated our audience, educated them with his presentation being talked about weeks later by our colleagues. Yasir makes a workshop feel like it was just minutes, time flew by because you are totally enthralled and focused by what he is teaching."

Monica Alejandra Rodriguez Martinez

Empowering Professionals in their Career Success | HR Professional

"For organizations seeking to elevate the public speaking process of their chairpersons and leaders, do not hesitate to contact Yasir. His tailored approach and proven methodologies make him an invaluable asset in this domain."

Andrea Blum

Real Estate Broker | Coach

"It was such a pleasure meeting Yasir and seeing him in his element! Amazing presentation! So much value, funny, engaging and very informative! We liked it so much that we will have him back on our PowerHouse on February 26th! Looking ti build a log and successful relationship for our ongoing event!"
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