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Why Work With Us?

If you’re just looking for a public speaking coach,


You don’t need to work with us.



If you’re looking for a premium, white-glove approach,

Specific to successful entrepreneurs, with a 100% guarantee of results.


You want the single best solution to make you a credible and authoritative speaker.

Then there’s nothing on the planet quite like what our team does, and here’s why:


Our Unique Speech Coaching Approach

This is how your coach works with you:

The goal is to help you speak with authenticity, credibility, and authority. To have you do in a manner that is fast, and convenient.

First, your coach only works
 with 3-4 clients a month each to ensure you get maximum attention and support. 

Second, your coach will devote his time to studying you, your speaking patterns, your past speeches and presentation.

The specific behaviours you display, and uncover opportunities to enhance your authority and credibility. 
You have someone on your team with the sole goal of making you look good wherever you speak.

Your coach will know your speech and body language patterns better than you know yourself. 

Third, your coach then will analyze every part of your speech from past meetings and presentations and help you develop a style that works best for you.


Fourth, you will get a specific training regiment to achieve your specific goals and the consultant will guide you through it step by step. Our coaches meet with our clients an average of 3 times per week.

All skill development requires repetition. You will practice with your coach, and get live unfiltered feedback as you practice. 

Your results are guaranteed.


Minimal Effort on Your Part

All you have to do is tell your coach how much time you have, when you have meetings and presentations coming up, and what you want to achieve.

ibrahim screenshot.png

Ibrahim went from nervous CEO to speaking confidently in front of 12,000 people, in under 5 weeks of coaching

"Yasir is an exceptional coach. Yasir helped me put together my speech, iron out the details, and make it sound exactly like I wanted to.

Then, he got on a call with me 3 to 4 times a week to help me rehearse the material and calm my nerves. Yasir even helped me rehearse 30 minutes before I stepped on stage.

His commitment to making sure you get the results you desire is unmatched. I could not recommend him more"

Shannon Klingman,

Founder of Lume Deodorant
(Valued at $1Billion)

Why this works better than:

1) Intensive weekend workshops.

These are 2 days of training, typically 4-5 hours long. You get a lot of information thrown at you, you feel great during the training … but a week after the training, you remember nothing. Ask yourself this: What’s more effective? One really intense workout or going to the gym every day for a month? Weekend workshops make great business, but it never sticks when it comes to results. I know because I used to host them myself.

2) Freelance Public Speaking Coaches.

Most public speaking coaches work solely in a corporate environment, facilitating team training. That too, only a few times a year. The unique advantage we have is that of a strong brand, we attract hundreds of applications a day, and our coaches have gotten more 1:1 speech consulting time, with more high-level entrepreneurs, than anyone else. Anyone can teach you the basics of voice modulation and body language, but we’re the only team on the planet that makes you our sole focus during the entire duration of our time together.

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