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Speech Coaching for
7 Figure+ Entrepreneurs



Keisha Wagner-Gaymon

Founder of Peachfuzz Skin Studio & Fuzz Clinic Products 

Working with Yasir has be transformative to say the least. Not only has he help boost my confidence regarding speaking he has help me recognize some limiting beliefs that has kept me from reaching my true potential. Since working with Yasir I have won a major beauty grant and have done speaking engagements with confidence. Yasir is amazing !


Craig Blake

Marketing Director

Yasir is a brilliant coach who really understands the nuances of communicating. I’m very fortunate to be able to work with Yasir and experience his techniques firsthand. I have been working with Yasir for a couple of months – but really saw improvements in my communication skills immediately. Yasir provides honest feedback and pragmatic methods to ensure you grow as a speaker and overall communicator. I look forward to each session with Yasir – he is a pleasure to work with and certainly knows his craft. I highly recommend Yasir for anyone that is looking to hone their public speaking or communication skills.


Monu Kalsi

Head of Marketing | Brand Building | Growth Marketing | Revenue Generation | Product Marketing | Driving Sustainable Organic Growth For Brands

Working with Yasir over the past few months has been an incredibly delightful experience. Yasir stands out as a remarkable speaking coach, embodying qualities of patience, engagement, and thorough preparation. His genuine curiosity about you and your objectives is evident, making the interactions truly rewarding. I've greatly appreciated my engagements with Yasir, from which I've gained valuable insights about both myself and the art of public speaking. I wholeheartedly suggest that senior leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles avail themselves of Yasir's coaching and direction to enhance their skills in leadership communication.


Dilipkumar Mahenthiran

Technology Transfer Manager at Metalenz

I followed Yasir on his social media accounts few months about improving communication skills prior to signing up to get personalized coaching. I have been working with him last 3 months on 1-on-1 coaching on a weekly base followed by assignments. I have to admit, singing up with Yasir to get coaching on improving my communication skills is one of the best investment I have made towards my self-improvement. Yasir has done a great job of identifying the issues that I was dealing with during my speaking and following up on getting them corrected and also making sure the correction stick forever. He has gone above and beyond in supporting me accomplish my goals and his couching is not just one style fits all, he takes the time your speaking style, where improvements are needed and customized the program for you. I would highly recommend getting personalized couching from Yasir.


Jay (JK) Kapoor

Vice President, Resideo (Honeywell Home)

Yasir is one of the most effective, pragmatic, and genuinely caring public speaking coaches out there. He deploys effective strategies, cutting edge technology, and you begin to see the transformation within a few weeks. I highly recommend Yasir to anyone in need of improvement in public speaking skills.


Michael Baumgartner


Working with Yasir was a game changer. I aimed to boost my speaking skills for VC fundraising and Yasir was the perfect fit. His profound knowledge of the tech industry paired with storytelling expertise helped me craft and nail my pitch story.
Yasir transformed the way I structure responses and articulate my vision. The result? Clearer, more compelling messaging.
For anyone looking to elevate their speaking game, I can't recommend Yasir enough. His coaching truly makes a difference.

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