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Thoughts for Tuesday by Suzanne Bates

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Why Things Stay Broken

airport security

Perhaps you caught the nightly news story with a photo of a 49-year-old guy standing naked at a Portland Airport security checkpoint. If you saw it, you’ll wish you hadn't. Apparently, he told authorities that he "disrobed as a form of protest against TSA agents who were harassing him."

Sharing Your Wisdom


I was on a panel at the National Speakers Association where the moderator posed this question: "As a business owner, how do you allocate your time to be sure you are doing the right thing?" If you lead an organization of any size, that is THE question, isn't it?

If Bubba Were a CEO...


So I am watching TV, I think it was ESPN, and they have hauled out an old 2010 interview with Bubba Watson, the improbable and irrepressible winner of this year's utterly unpredictable Masters Tournament. Bubba is smiling, hitting shots off the staged practice area, and telling a story about how he once demo'd a new golf club by playing an entire round with only that club. He shot a 77. "I figured after that it was worth putting in my bag," he joked. After all, for Bubba, golf is all about having fun.

I'm Sorry I Didn't Get Back to You

email communication

The other day I was boarding a flight, one hand on the roller bag, the other on my iPhone, spinning down through my e-mail.  All I’d really hoped to do was cull out the junk and get a sense of what I'd missed and what needed a response.  After an all-day meeting when there was no time to duck out (conversations at lunch took priority) and a bumpy cab ride to the airport, I was definitely behind on my e-mail.  And while I'd hoped to review longer documents while at the airline club lounge on my iPad, where I could also type on a real keypad and send more meaningful responses, the hotspot on this allegedly "smart" device went dumb on me, rendering the entire day an e-mail black hole.  I wouldn't be home until 11:00 PM and had a meeting the following morning at 7:30 AM.

Is Thought Leadership Dead?

speech bubble

It's funny how a phrase that enters the business lexicon becomes hot, hot, hot, and then, as people jump on the proverbial bandwagon, the phrase loses its verve.  The more people adopt and adapt a phrase, the more it is pummeled and rendered meaningless. Overuse kills. The only thing we don't do is stop to declare it dead.     

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