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Thoughts for Tuesday by Suzanne Bates

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baby for TFT

Getting on a commuter jet from Minneapolis to my next stop, I noted with relief the seat next to me was empty. I'd had an unusually pleasant streak of flights where my bags stowed easily in the overhead, I enjoyed extra legroom, had quiet seat companions, even an empty middle seat on a coast to coast flight.  My fortunes were of course about to turn. As the flight attendant prepared for departure, a young woman with a baby and all the paraphernalia came puffing through the door, walking down the aisle, stopping at my row. "We're in here," she said, exhausted and perhaps a little apologetic.



My exercise regime rarely wavers much- I'm fairly committed, but no die-hard.  However, the first weeks of summer, my husband was threatening to send out search parties when I was gone for an hour and a half on my runs. The routine of two miles had stretched to three, four, even five. I was becoming such a regular at yoga class, that the other regulars started saving me a spot. I'd like to tell you that my newfound zeal for exercise was purely about health, but that wouldn't be the truth - it was about vanity and pride. I was on my way to a "big" high school reunion. Does every woman try on 42 dresses before deciding on one that represents who she is today?

Cars that Drive Themselves


I just leased a new car that parallel parks itself. It’s a weird experience. Wonderfully weird. Once you slow to 20 MPH a green P comes on your dashboard, letting you know it’s searching for a spot. Once you stop and hit reverse the onboard computer takes over, maneuvering you into a perfect three point turn and stopping exactly the right distance from the car parked in front of you.

The Look of the Anchor Woman

TV (1)

'm not sure why chatter about the sleeveless dress style adopted by most television newswomen is reaching a crescendo in women's circles. I suspect it may be owing in part to the fact that the so-called fad launched by Michelle O has taken a firm hold. The dress is now the uniform of the anchor desk. You don't have to be told what to wear. Stunning, savvy, smart women journalists know they have to exercise more than their minds to stay in the game. 

Halfway There

boston marathon

My hometown is the midway point of the Boston Marathon, affording us the opportunity to walk just a few blocks to position ourselves for a fantastic view of the race every year. Unlike any other sporting event, at a marathon, you can choose your spot, stand or bring a chair, and without purchasing a ticket, revel in a gorgeous spring day and the amazing effort of so many thousands of athletes, all running for their own reasons.

Thoughts for Tuesday: Leadership Pathways


You know that expression “ a walk in the park?”  While it implies that something is easy, I can tell you I recently had a walk in the park that was anything but.  My plan was to hike around a pond on a new trail.  I was overly ambitious.  And I was UNDER estimating the journey.  It was a LOT longer than I expected, it wasn’t well-marked, and because it was late in the season, there was no one else out there.  Finally I panicked and took a trail that  I thought led me back to the starting point, but it didn’t.  Now I was really lost. 

When you think about it, that situation is a lot like what happens to us when we’re thrust into a new role.  Suddenly we’re on a trail we’ve never taken, it isn’t well marked, and we make decisions that take us off course. 

47 Yes - 5 No

march madness

March Madness is a religious holiday in my household. College basketball is on. This year will be especially crazy, since my husband’s alma mater is Syracuse, which was on a 25-0 run until they lost a couple of games.

Humble Beginnings

huble beginnings image

Have you seen this new commercial for Dell? It’s a simple slide show–a series of photos of tiny, unremarkable places where great companies were born.

Zig Zag Leadership

Zig Zag

Just about every morning in the early years when I was building my business, I was the first there and the last to leave. A good part of the day I was ensconced in my office, making calls, sending notes, talking to clients, writing articles, going over sales, managing the budget. We had a small enough group that I could see everybody just by sticking my head out the door.

Holiday Thoughts


As I was thinking about my last message in 2013, I came across a poem by M. Jolynn Rawson Hunter, titled True Joy:

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